Books available for review, Summer 2021

Human Geography is interested in publishing reviews of following books. If you wish to write a review (and receive a free copy of the book) please contact the book review editor John Lauermann ( Please feel free to send suggestions if you are interested in reviewing other recent or forthcoming books.

Campling & Colás (2021) Capitalism and the Sea: The Maritime Factor in the Making of the Modern World. Verso

Davies, Jonathan (2021) Between Realism and Revolt: Governing Cities in the Crisis of Neoliberal Globalism. Bristol University Press

Djistelbloem, Huub (2021) Borders as Infrastructure: The Technopolitics of Border Control. MIT Press

Fairbairn, Madeline (2020) Fields of Gold: Financing the Global Land Rush. Cornell University Press

Ghertner & Lake (2021) Land Fictions: The Commodification of Land in City and Country. Cornell University Press

Graham, Janice et al (2022) The Social Life of Standards: Ethnographic Methods for Local Engagement. UBC Press.

Jefferson, Brian (2020) Digitize and Punish: Racial Criminalization in the Digital Age. University of Minnesota Press

Liboiron, Max (2021) Pollution is Colonialism. Duke University Press

The journal invites submissions in two formats. Book reviews focus on a single book, summarizing its main findings and its contributions to critical/radical geography (up to 2000 words). Book review essays review two or more recent books that address a similar theme (up to 5000 words). They summarize the main findings of each book, reviewing them in light of broader conversations in the field. Submission guidelines are available at

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