Volume 3, Number 1 (2010)

Alternatives for Sustained Disaster Risk Reduction

J. C. Gaillard, Ben Wisner, Djillali Benouar, Terry Cannon, Laurence Creton-Cazanave, Julie Dekens, Maureen Fordham, Claude Gilbert, Kenneth Hewitt, Ilan Kelman, Allan Lavell, Julie Morin, Phil O’Keefe, Anthony Oliver-Smith, Cecile Quesada, Sandrine Revet, Karen Sudmeier-Rieux, Pauline Texier, Cloé Vallette

The daily media is filled with images of catastrophic events which seem increasingly  frequent and violent In parallel there are a large range of scientific studies debates  in  the  policy  arena,  and  a  growing  number of international institutions focused on disaster reduction.  But a paradox remains that despite advances in technology, disasters  continue  to  increase,  affecting many individuals in rich as well as poor countries.


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