Volume 1, Number 1 (2008)

Neoliberalism, Rural Underdevelopment and Geographies of the Global South

Warwick E. Murray

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


Reform and progress are sorely needed in the rural  areas  of  the  global  South,  and  human geography  can  help  in  generating  the  required theoretical understanding. In this article, I briefly review  the  unfolding  of  neoliberalism  across  the rural  spaces  of  the  periphery,  commenting  on some of the political, economic and environmental implications.  Particular  attention  is  paid  to  Latin America  where  –  despite  the  fact  that  rural populations  are  low  by  Southern  measures  – neoliberalism’s ravaging influence is more acutely apparent than anywhere. Imbuing this discussion is  a  critical  perspective  on  contemporary  rural geography,  and  its  reticence  to  engage  with underdevelopment.