Welcome to the new hugeog.com!

On behalf of the Human Geography editorial committee, I’m pleased to welcome you to the new hugeog.com. In addition to a new design concept, we’ve updated much of our backend system — the site functions in largely the same manner as before, but everything should work more smoothly.

Over the coming months we are planning to introduce an open-access blog, written by experts from the Human Geography community. If you are interested in writing for us, please contact Richard Peet (rpeet@clarku.edu) and I (jlauermann@clarku.edu).

Finally, we want to thank the Design Action Collective for all of their work on the new hugeog.com. They are a worker-owned and managed web design and communications group. They have a great team of talented developers and designers, and plenty of experience working with non-profits, academics, and social justice-oriented initiatives. If you need some web design work, we recommend them!

– John Lauermann, Web Editor for Human Geography