Volume 6, Number 1 (2013)

Human Geography, 6(1) (2013)

Special Issue: Grabbing ‘Green’: Markets, Environmental Governance and the Materialization of Natural Capital

Guest Editors: Catherine Corson, Kenneth Iain MacDonald and Benjamin Neimark


Grabbing “Green”: Markets, Environmental Governance and the Materialization of Natural Capital

Catherine Corson, Kenneth Iain MacDonald, Benjamin Neimark


Consume, Connect, Conserve: Some Notes on Cultural Capitalism’s Promise of Environmental Redemption

James J. Igoe


Bodies Do Matter: Explaining the Peculiar Persistence of Neoliberalism in Contemporary Environmental Governance

Robert Fletcher


Grabbing Green: Cynical Reason, Instrumental Ethics and the Production of ‘The Green Economy’

Kenneth Iain MacDonald


Seizing Center Stage: Ecosystem Services, Live, at the Convention on Biological Diversity!

Daniel Suarez and Catherine Corson


After the green rush? Biodiversity offsets, uranium power and the calculus of casualties in greening growth

Sian Sullivan


Sustainable Territories: Rural Dispossession, Land Enclosures and the Construction of Environmental Resources in China

Jia Ching Chen


Fixing Carbon, Losing Ground: Payment for Environmental Services and Land Certification in Mexico

Tracey Osborne


Contesting Market-Based Conservation: Payments for Ecosystem Services as a Surface of Engagement for Rural Social Movements in Mexico

Elizabeth Shapiro-Garza


Uneven territorialization: looking at sea turtle conservation in neoliberal Costa Rica

Alonso Ramírez-Cover