Call for Grant Proposals

The Institute for Human Geography is pleased to announce its second round of small grants to support research and activism in radical geography. Please consult our Grant Program guidelines for full details; the context for this funding system is described in an editorial in the first volume of the journal (2008). The Institute invites applications for funds of up to $5,000 per grant, which will be evaluated based on: 

  1. Radical potential of the work

  2. Effectiveness of the proposal

  3. Eventual contribution to Human Geography journal

  4. Past commitment to Human Geography (article, subscription, review of article, etc)

Applications consisting of the following will be reviewed by a Committee consisting of the Editor, the Web Editor, the Book Review Editor and the Opinions Editor:

  1. Cover page(s) with: (i) names and affiliations of the applicant(s); (ii) short summary of previous work; (iii) statement on the radical character of the proposed research or activism; (iv) statement on the possible publication of results in Human Geography; (v) statement on the applicant’s past commitment to the journal; and (vi) a one paragraph summary of the aims, methods, and possible results of the project.

  2. This should be followed by a five-paged, double-spaced explanation of the work to be supported.

  3. A one-paged budget detailing how the funds would be spent.

The application package should be emailed to Institute for Human Geography: before the annual deadlines of April 15th and October 15th.