Volume 9, Number 2 (2016)

Human Geography, 9(2) (2016)

Geographical Perspectives on the European ‘Migration and Refugee Crisis’

Guest Editors: Russell King and Michael Collyer, University of Sussex


Narrating Europe’s Migration and Refugee ‘Crisis’

Michael Collyer and Russell King

Managing the Unmanageable? Understanding Europe’s Response to the Migration ‘Crisis’

Heaven Crawley

Guests, Asylum-Seekers, Refugees or Transit Migrants? Syrians in Turkey in ‘Purgatory’

Jade Cemre Erciyes

‘They Won’t Let Us Come, They Won’t Let Us Stay, They Won’t Let Us Leave’. Liminality in the Aegean Borderscape: The Case of Irregular Migrants, Volunteers and Locals on Lesvos

Ioanna Tsoni

‘My Uncle Cannot Say “No” if I Reach Libya’: Unpacking the Social Dynamics of Border-Crossing Among Eritreans Heading to Europe

Milena Belloni

‘Leaving Afghanistan! Are You Sure?’ European Efforts to Deter Potential Migrants Through Information Campaigns

Ceri Oeppen

Slovenia: Post-Socialist and Neoliberal Landscapes in Response to the European Refugee Crisis

Toby Martin Applegate

Asylum in Germany: The Making of the ‘Crisis’ and the Role of Civil Society

Sophie Hinger

Meanings of Independence and Manifestations of Neoliberal Nationalism during the ‘Refugee Crisis’ in Central and Eastern Europe

Aija Lulle

Returning and Deporting Irregular Migrants: Not a Solution to the ‘Refugee Crisis’

Daniela DeBono

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