Volume 6, Number 3 (2013)

Human Geography, 6(3) (2013)

Special Section: Agrarian Change, Livelihoods and Land Use in Sub-Saharan Africa

Peasants, Pastoralists and Proletarians: Joining the Debates on Trajectories of Agrarian Change, Livelihoods and Land Use

Brent McCusker, Paul O’Keefe, Phil O’Keefe, Geoff O’Brien

The Political Economy of Nature

Brent McCusker

Why Some Fields Might be Rectangular: An Exploration of Agricultural Landscapes between Pre-Capitalist and Capitalist Modes of Production

Phil O’Keefe and Geoff O’Brien

Vulnerability and Livelihoods on Mt. Kilmanjaro

Paul O’Keefe

“We Eat with Different Spoons These Days”: The Maintenance of Pastoralism as a Social Formation in the Sahara and Sahel

Franklin C. Graham IV

Chronic Food Insecurity in Kenya’s Asal Areas: Naturalizing Uneven Development through Depeasantization and Deproletarianization

Naomi Shanguhyia and Brent McCusker



Toward Radical Risk Reduction and Revolutionary Adaptation: Climate Disasters, Agriculture, and Capitalist Modernity

Jeff Schuhrke

Reconstituting Water? Climate Change, Water Policy Reform and Community Relations in South Australian Remote Towns

Ben Wadham, Ross Boyd, Eileen Willis, Meryl Pearce

The Genealogy of Contemporary Nature/Forest Conservation

Mohammad Tanzimudin Khan and Tony Lynch


Book Review

Book Review: Everyday Environmentalism: Creating an Urban Political Ecology

Karaliotas & Bettini

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