Volume 10, Number 2 (2017)

Human Geography 10(2) (2017)


Towards an Ethnography of Climate Change Variability: Perceptions and Coping Mechanisms of Women and Men from Lambani Village, Limpopo Province

J. Goldin, J.J. Botha, T.A.B. Koatla, J.J. Anderson, G. Owen, & A. Lebese

‘The town is surrounded’: From Climate Concerns to Life under Wind Turbines in La Ventosa, Mexico

Alexander Dunlap

Darly and her Battle with the Sand-Mining Mafia: Tracing a Feminist Geo-politics of Fear in the Production of Nature

Parvathy Binoy

The Centrality of Labour Exploitation in Emerging Green Capitalist Economies: Producing Ecosystem Services and Commodities for Nature Tourists in Rural Senegal

Rocío Hiraldo Lopez-Alonso

Climate Change and People Change: Dancing the Dialectic

Paul O’Keefe


Opinion Essay

The Rise of Nationalist Capitalism and the Future of Imperialism

Gregory Reck and Dinesh Paudel


Book Review Essay

Can Climate Change Adaptation be a Desirable Goal?

Joshua Mullenite


Book Reviews

Book Review: Living at the Edges of Capitalism: Adventures in Exile and Mutual Aid

Liz Mason-Deese

Book Review: Why We Can’t Afford the Rich

Nadine Reis

Book Review: White City, Black City: Architecture and War in Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Michal Braier

Book review: The 4-H Harvest: Sexuality and the State in Rural America

Levi Van Sant

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